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Research Center (dkfz) in Heidelberg, Germany. Here you can learn more about our research interests and lab members.

100 anonimo e discreto! 6 noviembre, 2017, el Chincol y la Bandada, el documental. Our current work to identify the molecular events to switch from these pro-disease to pro-apoptotic activity of CD95 will be key to devise novel targeted therapies against cancer, inflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders.

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We have discovered that CD95 acts as a potent survival signal for cancer and stem cells, as a proinflammatory factor and activator of angiogenesis. In particular, we entered the field of stem cells, by the unbiased identification of CD95 as a factor acting in acquisition of epithelial-to-mesenchimal-like traits and malignant degeneration and in activation of stem cells for repair and survival. In addition, we have identified interferon-gamma as an important activator of stem cells to repair the brain, and the Wnt-antagonist DKK1 as an important pro-aging factor whose inhibition rescues the age-associated cognitive impairment and leads to improvement of mood. These findings formed the basis for testing inhibition of CD95-activity as a second-line therapy in glioblastoma patients in successful clinical trials. Over the years, we have established ourselves as an internationally leading group in two fields: (i) the complex functions of CD95 and (ii) adult neural stem cell biology. Our laboratory is a pioneer in single stem cell sequencing studies, which has generated many international collaborations with leading groups in the field. Sono una donna, email è usato per accedere al sito e non verrà mai mostrato. With these two research lines (RL) we complement our systematic stem cell-centered strategy with mechanistic studies of CD95s function in homeostasis and disease. Specifically, we want to understand how conversion of aging and inflammation increases cancer risk while decreasing stem cell derived regeneration. The CNS contains over a million different neural subtypes and billions of connections.

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