We are consultants who design and build bespoke luxury swimming pools to the client’s requirements aided with our experience to create a peaceful, beautiful ambience for all the family and friends.

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We work closely with Architects, Builders, Interior and Landscape Designers as well as prestige clients to create luxurious, stunning, energy efficient and beautiful bespoke swimming pool designs unique to you.

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About us

It is a privilege to have worked with the type of clients we have done so in the past therefore we continue to honour the standard we have set within our marketplace, producing high end bespoke luxury designs and constructions for refined clientele. 

Respectfully we continually endevour the opportunity to liaise with luxury architects and builders as well as the client directly. It can be an exhausting and worrying decision when seeking a new contractor to take on such a huge project therefore within the meet and greet stage we aim to provide trust from the start explaining how our knowledge and expertise can provide you with the ultimate bespoke and unique service.